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Short Characteristics

· Description: Collecting & Offering Website-Bookmarks & Guidlines from/to all employees
· Specials: no proprietary bookmarks but sharing exerience & saving time & money
· Customers: small- to big-sized companies
· Keywords: Webseiten-Verwaltung, Weblink-Management



The Corporate Internet Guide offers to your employees a uniform way to store and retrieve links to WWW sites that add value to your company's business. Start classifying the rapidly growing internet resources today and build a rich warehouse of links that are grouped by your company's target markets for instance. Add instructions and guidelines, comments and discussions. We offer to you the unique service to assist you in filling this internet jewel.


You may include various internet information & material, e.g.

· internet links / addresses
· you may jump into the web directly from within the database
· search engine links and syntax samples
· your company's internet
· experiences
· know-how
· tips & tricks
· multimedia or rich-text
· tutorials
· guidelines
· discussion
· html-code and java-class files
· web-design components (e.g. animated gifs, html samples)


Exploiting the strategic value of internet information

· reduce employee surfing & internet training times considerably
· employees will have more time for their daily business (work)
· network traffic will be reduced as employees focus their surf efforts
· save money and your employee's time by offering out-of-the-box WWW guides
· speed-up information search tremendously by offering good-quality WWW links
· classify the links and guidelines according to your enterprise's structure
· search the warehouse plus any embedded media by keywords
· enforce the use of the same internet guiding system throughout your business units worldwide
· use the database wherever you need it (on the road or online)
· easy t
o use, innovative, powerful, efficient


Customer Benefits from a technical point of view

· platform independence (NT, windows, unix, os/400, macintosh etc.)
· Intranet/ Extranet / Internet
· allows a secure and easy access to your data (Notes or web-browser)
· securely distribute (replicate) the information around the world
· use the database either locally, on the LAN, on the WAN or over the Internet
· built-in mail platform enables you to send information to others
· the flexible design enables you to embed various media & files (e.g. animated gifs)
· drag your favorites into your own folder
· foster your groupware paradigm to enable team-work across the globe
· built-in discussion bases are incorporated into all our Notes products at no extra cost
· version management: track authors, editors and times
of modifications



· 1-User Licence, 1'000.- CHF, for office & private use
· 10-User Licence, 2'500.- CHF, for office & private use
· Enterprise Licence*, 4'500.- CHF, unlimited replica's and users !



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