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Short Characteristics

· Description: Managing any type of documents and media, including weblinks & user -requests.
· Specials: very flexible and transparent. Share the knowledge!
· Customers: small- to big-sized companies, library staff, government
· Keywords: Dokumenten-Ablagesystem, Bücherei-Verwaltung, Ressourcen-Klassifikation



The Corporate Library System 2001 is a powerful tool for classifying all kinds of enterprise information and material. It allows you to classify e.g. books, magazines, newspapers, video and audio material, market researches, articles, charts, faq's, web references or know-how references. Moreover an employee may easily launch an information request to obtain help when looking for special information.
Due to the program's native groupware paradigm you may also use a single library system for several or all of your departments and business units. In this way you get the advantage of making information resources and references available to your entire company! This maximizes the flexibility & effectiveness of all your employees and library staff. Read and write settings can be adjusted flexibly.


Classify and add Media, Internet Links and User Requests

· references and/or inclusion of
· books, magazines, newspapers, articles
· video material, audio material
· market studies & employee's research papers
· charts, spreadsheets, microfiche
· scanned material
· business data services (e.g. Bloomberg, S&P, AMBest, Reuters etc.)
· user guidelines
· manager guidelines
· tutorial videos
· knowhow references (people etc.)
· www references
· user informa
tion requests


Exploiting the Strategic Value of Library Systems

· enforce the use of the same library system throughout all of your business units and departments to be able to link the systems for powerful information request processes (avoid isolated incompatible library systems)
· speed-up global information & media search
· save your employee's time by easing information search across your business units with this powerful but cheap distributed library system
· save money by avoiding muliple purchase of similar media or information
· classify the information material according to your enterprise's structure: e.g. assign a book to special targets markets of your company
· search the warehouse plus any embedded media by keywords
· foster your groupware paradigm - allow the employees to add references to their private information material in a special section of the global database
· enable the employees to participate on a discussion base on top of this library system to talk about and assess references and material (discussion-base is available no extra cost)
· leverage your library system: make use of security-restricted data access using webbrowsers from around the globe !
· use the database wherever you need it (on the road or online)
· easy to use, i
nnovative, powerful, efficient


Customer Benefits & Opportunities from a technical point of view

· platform independence (NT, windows, unix, os/400, macintosh etc.)
· Intranet/ Extranet / Internet
· allows a secure and easy access to your data (Notes or web-browser)
· securely distribute (replicate) the information around the world
· use the database either locally, on the LAN, on the WAN or over the Internet
· built-in mail platform enables you to send information to others
· built-in discussion bases are incorporated into all our Notes products at no extra cost
· the flexible design enables you to embed various media & files
· drag your favorites into your own folder
· foster your groupware paradigm to enable team-work across the globe
· link your heterogenous distributed IT platforms across business units and departments with Notes
· version
management: track authors, editors and times of modifications


Some of the manyfold report facilities

Library material
· title, identifier
· warehouse classification
· media type
· source of information
· person in charge
· project / team
· authors, editors
· authoring status
· language, size, pages
· confidentiality
· my favorite

Internet References & Links
· www address
· title, identifier
· warehouse classification
· media type
· person in charge
· project / team
· authors, editors
· authoring status
· language
· confidentiality
· my favorites

User Information-Requests
· information to the requesting person (name, company etc.)
· kind of request
· due date of request
· urgence of request
· warehouse classification
· person in charge
· project / team
· language, pages
· confidentiality
· my favorites

Know-How References
· personal details
· person's availability
· person's accessibity
· title, identifier
· classification
· language
· confidentiality
· my favorites



Enterprise Licence*, 7'500.- CHF, unlimited replica's and users !



The following pictures are previews of screenshots of the database.

Detail Screen of a Medium Resource. Click on picture to see more:

Detail Screen of a User Information Request. Click on picture to see more:

Detail Screen of an Internet Link. Click on picture to see more:

View by Classifiation. Click on picture to see more:

View by Type of Medium / Information. Click on picture to see more:



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