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Short Characteristics

· Description: Managing all project-related information in one database!
· Specials: find similar projects and avoid re-invention of the wheel - money saver ...
· Customers: small- to big-sized companies, consultants, government
· Keywords: Projektablage-System, Projektverwaltungs-System, Info-System



The Corporate Project Management Database is a rich source for standardizing and collecting project information throughout your whole company across all business units world-wide. It allows you to input and offer for a new project per default a broad range of project-related information, files and tools. No need to go and find project responsibility matrix charts, or finding correct documentation of the project.
With this database, you collect all project information including meeting minutes etc. within one container - the Project Management database. The standardized way to organize, structure and document projects and their activities enables you to find similar projects in a company prior to starting to re-invent the wheel.
It maximizes the flexibility, effectiveness and transparency of all your project teams' work.


Summary of key elements in the Project Management database

· allows the reuse of a company‘s project standards & tools
· the database acts as a reusable and customizable project portfolio and may integrate any media
· the project database can be used by any department
· manage projects either in a combined or a separate project database
· define the content of the project database yourself !
· embedd any project charts, planning spreadsheets etc.
· allows a quick & secure world-wide access to project template data and tools that have been worked out by your employees
· offers to your employees an innovative & powerful tool for sharing project data & ideas
· no re-invention of the wheel: find similar projects prior to start new ones
· easier project environment maintenance due to proper documentation
· foster project transparency
· save money & time


Include & report on various project data, e.g.

· common spreadsheets and data-entry forms
· project announcements
· integrated discussion forum sections
· reusable project files, e.g.
· charts, spreadsheets, documents
· drawings, graphics, animations, tutorials
· project presentations
· standardized user & technical documentation
· FAQ (frequently asked questions), Q&A
· scanned & imported material
· any other information ...


Customer Benefits from a technical point of view

· platform independence (NT, windows, unix, os/400, macintosh etc.)
· Intranet/ Extranet / Internet
· allows a secure and easy access to your data (Notes or web-browser)
· securely distribute (replicate) the information around the world
· use the database either locally, on the LAN, on the WAN or over the Internet
· built-in mail platform enables you to send information to others
· built-in discussion bases are incorporated into all our Notes products at no extra cost
· the flexible design enables you to embed all kinds of media
· drag your favorites into your own folder
· foster your groupware paradigm to enable team-work across the globe
· link your heterogenous distributed IT platforms across business units and departments with Notes
· version management: track authors, editors and times of modifications


Some of the manyfold report facilities

· company structure classification
· subject / title
· authors, editors
· date of composition
· source of information
· language
· keywords
· confidentiality
· work status
· embedded media
· my favorites



Enterprise Licence*, 4'500.- CHF, unlimited replica's and users !



The following pictures are previews of screenshots of the database.

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View by Type of embedded Media. Click on picture to see more:


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