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Short Characteristics

· Description: A technical tool to update any information between Notes database tables.
· Includes automatic Referential Integrity mechanisms. Show data flow connections etc.
· Customers: medium- to big-sized companies, Notes administrators
· Keywords: Data-Pump, Lotus Notes Table Connector, RI-Tool



The Relational Wizard removes one deficiency of Lotus Notes. The missing Referential Integrity features. The lack of this feature often leads to data inconsistency among data tables in Notes Databases.
This tools allows the transparent definition of data flows between source and destination tables including all related key and non-key fiels. With this tool you can force a regular data check and/or update of Notes tables. Any data integrity breaches will be reported and corrected on demand. One major cornerstone of the application is the transparency to see which databases are linked among each others at which tables. Missing resp. superflous documents can be created resp. deleted.


Overview of the Wizard‘s major strengths

· keeps Notes databases synchronized across Notes domains
· visualizes Notes data flows on your entire network
· finds erroneous data: relational integrity checks
· data warehousing / data mining: build your own aggregated data stores
· platform independence: synchronize data from Windows, Unix, OS/400, MAC worlds


Benefits & Opportunities

· ensure your Lotus Notes development success
· save expensive developer‘s time by offering to them a uniform tool for Notes RI issues
· Project-centricity
· Network-centricity
· Simulation before Updating (Optional)
· save resources and money


Reports / Views

· server dependencies / connections
· database dependencies / connections
· table dependencies / connections
· table field & foreign key dependencies
· mapping of databases to projects
· mapping of databases to servers
· data integrity violations
· etc. ...



· 1-User Licence, 3'000.- CHF, for office & private use
· 5-User Licence, 7'000.- CHF, for office & private use
· Enterprise Licence*, 10'000.- CHF, Unlimited replica's and copy's and users !



The following pictures are previews of screenshots of the database.

View by Destination Fields. Click on picture to see more:

View by Destination Server. Click on picture to see more:

View by Source Tables. Click on picture to see more:

Actions Menu. Click on picture to see more:



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