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Short Characteristics

· Description: Managing Resources and allowing decentral reservation! Calendar Overviews...
· Specials: Very scalable & flexible - define any number & kind of resources
· Customers: small- to big-sized companies, hotels, restaurants, rental firms, ...
· Keywords: Reservations-System, Ressourcen-Management, Buchungssystem


Entity Relationship Model

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The Reservation System 2001 is a very flexible reservation system based on the Lotus Notes Environment. You can define yourself any resources and rooms that you want to make available for reservation. You also define who will be user and approver. By letting the users from now on do bookings at day & night via their Lotus Notes client, you heavily relief your resource management staff (no need to pick up phones all the day).
It's decentral approach allows the database use everywhere on a Notes server environment, usually company-site wide. The users can themselves look how resources look like, when they are available throughout the week. Bookings will be automatically checked by the system. Complex bookings (combine several resources at several times and days) are supported.
This is the tool you look for as a medium- to big-sized company with a Lotus Notes infrastructure !

Summary of key elements in the Project Management database

· define any number and kind of resources that are available for reservation
· let the user book himself the resources that are available for booking (de-central approach)
· automatic free-time search included !
· automatic free-resource search included !
· automatic availability system checks included !
· very scalable, no limits on resources or users
· weekly calendar overviews
· combined reservations
· (e.g. reserve 5 rooms for 10 days at different times and add beamers and flip-charts)


What can I make available for reservation ?

You define yourself what becomes available for booking, e.g.
· rooms, e.g. offices, lounges, guest rooms
· office equipments, e.g. beamer, flip-charts
· automobiles & transportation services
· people, e.g. driver, medical assistance, experts, consultants
· electonic equipment, e.g. camera, scanner
· machines & tools ...


Customer Benefits & Opportunities

· allows the classification of resources according to your needs
· relief your service staff by allowing direct user bookings
· save service staff time & money
· very flexible
· define the resources yourself
· assign resource managers to ease administration
· define any booking time period for each resource
· very scalable
· define any number of resources
· allow any number of people to use the system
· easy to use, innovative
· powerful, reliable


Customer Benefits from a technical point of view

· platform independence (NT, windows, unix, os/400, macintosh etc.)
· the flexible design enables you to integrate any resources
· built-in mail platform enables you to send information to others
· expand booking system's availability to 365 x 24 hours
· version management: track authors, editors and times of modifications
· automatic free-time and free-resource functions to offer a maximum of user-support
· automatic booking checks
· various statistics, e.g.
· to see how many reservations done in certain days
· to see how many reservations done for certain resources
· to see how many reservations done by certain users



Universal Licence, 17'500.- CHF, unlimited replica's and users !
No hidden or annual fees. This is a one-time price for an unlimited amount of users.



The following pictures are previews of screenshots of the database.

View by Calendar Overview (with name sorting). Click on picture to see more:

Detail Screen of a Reservation. Click on picture to see more:

Detail Screen of a Calendar Week for a special Resource. Click on picture to see more:

View by Resources, sorted by their main and sub-class. Click on picture to see more:


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